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Nice website
Whiplashrecords production and promotion for Bands and Artists

Whiplash <>
London, England
Interessant, einfach hat gefallen:)))
Hanny <>
Bonn, NA De
Nice site, keep up the good work - Robin Miyagis Music Supplies
Robin Miyagi
Edmonton, AB Canada
Cool site. Music is life when it's live.
Bart <>
Baton Rouge, LA USA
Hello Village Music....KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.....THANK YOU ALL....Hollywood Joe
Hollywood Joe <>
Hollywood, Ca USA
The Bay areas finest music establishment now has a very cool website. Very impressive, John my friend. Who's cleaning the store now? Are the Beatles grey haired again??? Love you!
Kathi <>
El Dorado, ca USA
Hello my name is sebastian from germany i think you have very much musik in your store i have got about 500 cd`s an disks. i love all this old songs Sebastian from Berlin
Berlin, DE Germany
What do you think about SACD versus DVD Audio, from an audiophile perspective.
AudioGuy5000 <>
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria
Georg <>
Just stopped by to visit
Seymour Blackman <>
The Valley, n/a Anguilla, British We
How lucky can one person be? To live in Mill Valley and be able to shop at Village Music for over 30 years! If you have never been there and are ever within 50 miles or so, you owe it to yourself to visit it. Just be careful, you will probably end up purchasing more than you thought you would. It is a shrine to the best of the recording industry.
Don Seitas <>
Mill Valley, CA USA
Hi, I don't know i got the right village music store or not if this is the one in Village in Newyork i got it right.And i am looking for Jamal Alansar.I am lhanze from brooklyn(Friend).Can u e-mail me Jamal..Ur store is the best store in Village.
lhanze <>
toronto, on Canada
Wandered in by accident for first visit, on Nov 8, 2000. Met Carlos Santana at the register, "Some store, huh, Carlos?", I beamed..."Yeah, I brought Eric Clapton here and he freaked out." (that's why I never bring Eric anywhere, anymore. He just doesn't know how to act in public). Great store, John. Wish it was on the Right Coast. =D Prez
Prez <>
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Tim Eschliman <>
Great Web Site!! Very colorful and up to date! Every time I visit, I find something new that has been added. I love all the pictures. Keep it coming!
Paige Hanks <>
Plano, Tx USA
I LOVE this site! The coolest record shop on the planet comes to the Web. Who would have thought. Welcome to Cyberspace John.
Wally Wathen
San Rafael, CA USA
Well, I see.. Looks great. We're happy to see John's colorful store appear on the WWW!
Al Shulman <>
Mill Valley , CA USA
Well here it is. The guestbook is now ready for your entry. Please post a note if so inclined...
Tim <>
Mill Valley, CA USA

Village Music
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